Monday, June 27, 2011

My best friend Sooz who's been a close friend and visited me in Every country I called home since I left Australia. That includes Korea, China and now Poland, and for a brief period London, but that's her turf. She loves personalised shoes which she first asked me to make waaay back in Australia. Her love of Naomi and Poggie stuff is what keeps these guys alive. ... well it helps a lot. Anyway here's my latest shoe I made for her. It's her Polish shoe. I think it's my best one yet. The Polish things are kind of token gestures. A couple of interesting facts. The markers I used, cost more than the actual shoe. I took a risk with the shoe as it was super hard to find plain white shoes for some reason. Really. I went to a ton of skate shops I knew in the neighbourhood and none had plain white shoes. Not fo girls and that size. I sometimes I must stress rarely saw something my size.

The video was done with my iPad using a new super 8 filter. Kinda like the hipstamatic, but for video. I have no proper video camera, and the iPad has a reaaaally shit camera. This app fixes it a bit though. Makes it more fun anyway.

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