Monday, October 1, 2012

These my latest commission. It's something for INSEAD. Some fancy pants business school for people already in fancy pants jobs.

So one of the guys here commissioned me last year for a project and hired me for something this year. Normally I don't advertise myself for caricature jobs, but I like doing them. And we'll doing a portrait of 47 people some are bound to look like their subjects :)

So I want to show how successfully a project goes. I got minor fix ups generally the client was pleased, and this was a 3 week project with a weekly progress sketch which I will share. Hope these pics will pop up in order.

Also all the art was drawn on my iPad. For this piece I used sketch club as the pen tool does an amazing job imitating the brush pen I used to use when Nokia 5110s were more common than iPhones. The final assembly was done in photoshop on my rusty old MacBook.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Well, Kiwi farm is out. Search for Kiwi farm on the AppStore and download it. The new update is going to really improve the graphics. Kind of annoyed we couldn't get this done from scratch,but oh we'll better late than never.

I should get the art up here. We are putting together an art of book, that is really confusing the Chinese, but should start to finally show some pride in their work and not treat their art as things for shovel ware.

Since I'm coming from the iPad, here is an old pic I haven't shared. There is a weird dude in Shanghai that draws people on the street and showes it to you in the hope you buy it. I got a bit adjetated by him, so while he was drawing me I drew him. He wasn't happy, but at least he knew how I felt ;)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another doodle. I wanted to draw something in comic form. The actual text is kinda filthy and no point in sharing. The pic is alright. I do not miss paper and pen at all anymore.

Oh BTW I'm on an iPad 3 now due to be given one for one of my projects. Actually I was given 2 by two different jobs. Ooh la la, I have two iPads, though one is a job specific one. Anyway in a nutshell performance wise the iPad 3 is the same as the 2 as it seems all the grunt is just powering pixels, and older apps like ink pad actually run better on the older device for some reason. So if after six months you are still wondering if you should update, you know what I think.

Also good news. My Kiwi game for Zespri has been approved by apple, so look at the trailer here
The game will work in English too. I like this game and got to work with good people. It's free so if you have an iOS device no good reason not to download it.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I still owe a Zespri thing up here. Having dramas with the game being on the app store on time. Also a bit super tight on Domo. So no time to give this thing a real update, BUT I had a doodle session one time. Playing with the pen tool on sketch club. Really like this app and can imitate a brush pen quite well :)

So this is what this is. I still would like a big project with these guys.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back after many moons!

So I have been off this blog, because I've been involved in way to many projects and a bunch of NDA stuff. I'm back now :)

Still in Shanghai, still mainly doing games. Will update blog with more things as I can talk about some projects. It seems the movie I worked on last year got pulled after premiering at the Shanghai film festival. I would hope it wasn't due to my 2 week stint on it. I made a cool friend through it and we might do a small project soon. Will link to his site when it's up :)

Last Friday we shipped the first of my super big projects. I was the art director for a game that was launched for Zespri. It was an amazing project to be a part of as pretty much 90% of my direction and graphic feel was kept. I hope it pays off, but I was lucky to have that chance, and also reunited me with some people I really liked in 5 minutes. I will put together a post with that.

Also we are now doing the Marketing for Domo. A teenage dream was realised here. Art directing a 2d platform game for a famous Japanese character. Both games weren't able to be 100% on a technical level though which upsets me a bit. I really didn't think this day an age a machine like the iPhone would have 2d graphical limitations, but it does.

Will give a visual report to it soon,

But for now here are some presents I drew. One is for my girlfriends brother who just got married and the other is a birthday gift for my best friend who I graduated uni with :) I will be back now :)

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