Thursday, October 7, 2010

I promised to post up some stuff I did in Flash and this is it. I just did some excersize to learn the tools.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

this is what I did today. It's for the sex toy thing, hope they like it, need the cash now :( The B&W stuff on iPad, then I cleaned the lines in illustrator and coloured in photoshop. If I was a smart boy I would have continued in illustrator, but I'm not a smart boy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

this was drawn in ArtStudio for iPad. The finishing halftones were added in Photoshop. This was for some promotion material for Suzhou a friend is running.

I chose artstudio as it lets you make images in higher res than screen (Not by much 1024x1024), and the client wanted a square image. ArtStudio has the most tools on iPad for this type of things, and the recent update has made it lag less, and let iTunes read the files like sketchbook. Nice, but Photoshop don't read .dat so if you want .psd files you still need to e-mail yourself.

As interface and speed go, sketchbook is still best to jot down some Ideas and Brushes is best for finishing touches.

these were done 100% on my iPad using sketchbook pro and Brushes. The fake preassure sensitivity they put in brushes makes inking very good and natural. The last couple of weeks i have barely used a pencil, but unfortunately to complete projects I still need to use my real computer.

Whoa!! It worked. Some reject girl for a project. When you pay someone 1000rmb for a 2000rmb job, you shouldn't complain. There are ways of haggling with artists. And I'm not stupid to believe that the sex industry is struggling for cash and people do it for passion.