Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's another pic to inspire my friend Evan. I replaced the cat with a character from his short!

Sone in sketchbook pro.

If this program had the speed sensitive strokes, the playback and the je ne sais qua of brushes... I wouldn't use brushes. I think it's speedier to sketch doodles with it, which is why I use it.

Some stuff I drew while in Hungary. The School Girls fighting robots doodle might have been done a while ago. The picture of the boy is a pic I did for my friend Evan who's one of my closest friends in Shanghai. Beginning of last year I helped out with the concept art and some story elements for this short he wants to produce with his studio. The studio has worked on some Hollywood stuff like Dragon Ball (I only watched after i knew he worked on it, and it's a fun watch if you can accept corny flicks like DOA, TEKKEN, Street Fighter 2: the chun Li story, the Van Damme one even I couldn't watch) and Knight as day or whatever that Tom Cruise movie was. So I'm thinking to send him random drawing every now and then to remind him he has to finish the bloody thing and do a good job of it! :) The Naomi and Poggie sketch I did sitting in this super sweet Cafe I was introduced to in Budapest. It has a sweet setup and in the back you got these comfy couches. Strange place, but a lot of Asians went there (felt at home), heard some Koreans. Was hoping for Chinese so I drew a picture about it. The Chinese should say 'I miss Shanghai'. I'm really liking what I'm doing in Poland, and maybe it's something that will change over time, but for now I hope to relocate back there. It's so crazy there. Girls carry umbrellas in the sun. You just don't get that in Europe. In Shanghai I'll miss Krakow and I'll draw sad pictures in Coffee Bean in Jing'an about Naomi & Poggie in Krakow looking cute and depressed.

So on to the technical side. The girls and Jo were done 100% in sketchbook pro, and Naomi and Poggie were done 100% in brushes. I think Brushes is probably my Choice for finished product, but sketchbook still has that something something. Don't know what, as sketching in Brushes is pretty good, and the playback feature is a super sweet way to show off your iPad. As usual all in iPad. My pencils have been gathering dust.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This was just a fun Supanova picture I did to learn a vector program for iPad called paintbook. It's a great solution to combat the resolution problem with most sketch programs for iPad, but it's still slow and laggy. But I can print this any resolution I want.

Besides drawing for money, I'm sometimes up for Charity work. This one is for a Polish kid that's ill. There's a blog web page for him, and as soon as I get the e-mails I'll let everyone know. I initially tried to do a story book like painting like the one I did before for Czu Czu. But failed and whipped up some cartoony version. A bit pressed for time, and I like the one of him running. The rest are a bit of a fail... will post up speed paint video when I know the site ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well here's an image I did for a proposal for work. The sketch was done in sketchbook pro, but the actual painting in brushes. I love my iPad. Only for this reason though. I don't have to be secretive about my current job though. I see a bunch of my stuff paraded around meetings and conferences, so I can share too, but we're posting a behind the scenes blog officially too, so most my work regarding Czu Czu (English name still figuring out). The project I'm on (there's two, but regarding this pic) you can see at It's all in Polish, but it should be propper international next year (English, French and I'm hoping Chinese). Since I did this in Brushes on ze iPad, that I recomend to all artists who always carry a sketchbook around town. here's a speedpaint video :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Haven't posted for a while. Been super busy and actually done a lot of drawings. Some I can post and some I can't. There'll be a new Polish blog about our work, and I'll be contributing there about my goings and comings more so.

This pic as usual done on my iPad. Used sketchbook pro. Just wanted to join a Leslie Nelson thread at the drawing board. Not my best pic, but I tried. Not done a caricature for a while. It kinda looks like him, but kinda doesn't. We'll see what suggestions they might have there to fix it :)