Sunday, August 29, 2010

So I don't mind doing fun commissions, and this was one of them. They really want it illustrator, but I'm just not good with it, so I did it in high res 500dpi photoshop. Hope it's OK. Oh, yeah... it's a little sexual... I don't think so much though. I've been exposed to too much.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I could have done these last year, but I think it was earlier this year. It was to be submitted to some magazines. The feedback was only positive towards the art :( I agree though, and I should have followed the normal syndication guideline of 20 strips. This thing has no rythim and can't even think of a way to logically continue it for too long. I posted this on my other blog, but I come here instead. Maybe oneday China will open it.
last weekend I saw kids peeing two times in public places under the supervision of parents. This was on the subway. My opinion on this is that the general Chinese public is as disgusted as any foreigner visiting. Still this is kinda how it went down.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

these are the thumb drawings for that image. It seemed a bit small initially, so the final image below is bigger, and I went with number 2.

Actually I worked with this client before and they were pretty cool then, and they won the project with my image :)
Not much to update this week. Taking a break from the Naomi and Poggie for a while. Will finish those strip some time with tones ready for a B&W print, for the upcoming 'made in China' book I'm working on.

In the meantime, I am happily employed at 5 minutes and I don't do freelance, but if there's a fun project I'll do it. If they give me money, I won't say no.

This image here represents why I don't like the BS that goes with freelance. I got approached to do some drawings. Looked fun, and I quoted them a sum, that I got repeatedly asked about it, to which I repeatedly confirmed (BTW something like this will cost you 70Euros I spent about 90minutes including thumbs). I took it as I like doing loose designy drawings too, and I think you can do fun things here. Anyway it turned out to be a test and the people were testing me against Chinese students who'll do this for 100rmb (10 Euros). For future reference if you want to hire somebody who has been getting paid to draw for over ten years, look at their portfolio. Mine is this site and See if you find something that would suit your need. If you can't find it, you don't want me. Easy, don't like people wasting my time. I like to draw, but if it's not stupid girls with guns, or Naomi and Poggie, it's work. So no I don't enjoy drawing stuff for you that you may or may not pay me for.

Overall I was actually happy with this :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This was my second animatic. Again same criticism from the director (BTW I have a synopsis to follow). This one was not approved. Some elements were a bit off, but generally I was actually quite happy with it, and I could read the gags. He couldn't, it was a shame as I never got to talk or communicate with the director properly. It's a shame this thing didn't work out any better, as I quite enjoy the preproduction process of projects, and I enjoy making animatics like these. If you look for user 'sloppynyuszi' on youtube you can find some more stuff I have done :)
This was done while I was still in the UK, though the client was in LA. I think the cartoons are popular on youtube. The director was unhappy with my boards, as he couldn't understand them, so I made this animatic. I remember he wasn't that impressed, but apparrantly this one past. I mainly had communication with the producer who was pretty cool.

Anyway I'm posting this, because I'm having a shocking couple of weeks, where I'm turning out rubbish drawings I don't want to share, and this hasn't been seen by very little people.