Tuesday, May 18, 2010

need to ad this last page

Though my collaboration with EOS is taking a sabatical, I still continued with Naomi and Poggie for a while. I have a real job doodling at a computer games company now. It's called Five Minutes, and we make fun little games for general public. No place for chain smoking rabbits with Ice cream obsessions. So now this is taking a backseat hobby for me.

I do have some art to post up though. I finished the drawing part of all 3 comics that would have been on the boxes. Here they are :)

Well I haven't posted in months for various reasons. Anyway, so let's celebrate it with someone else's art. This was done by my mermaid obsessed super talented friend Jozef Szekeres. This pic goes waaaay back. Back in 2002 or something I published a series called frederick. This would have appeared in Issue 4. Naomi was still an adult. The timeline of these characters is purely based aesthetic, no logic. The first Issue of Quay Line in 1999 Naomi was a receptionist at a hotel. And had a kebab obsession. Now it's Icecream and she has no job, and the villain is now a Chain smoking bunny not a balding turkish Kebab vendor.

So back to this pick. It was probably the inspiration behind the collaboration between Jozef, Adam Gunn and I for Mickey Moose: Underwater love :)

This pick has been with me pretty much everywhere I live. It's with me in China. It came to my attention as Jozef is selling a lot of his original work, and I'm lucky enough to own this :)