Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here are some images of displays of some of my sketches at the Plum gallery before it got shut down :(

shame but cool to have had that :)

and after what has been a year or more, here's my first set of sex toy boxes. Money is coming through for the second set after a bit of grieving and annoyance, but it has came through thanks to some good people :) The Sex Toy stuff is copyright Ultrazone ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's a comic I did to raise cash for the recent Queensland disasters that just happened. My Mum lives near Cairns where Cyclone Yaris (I remember when these things had pretty girls names) hit, and the big floods in Brisbain. Supanova is putting together a collection of comics done by Australians (I have a passport you could argue I am one) into a book that will be for sale with all cash going to funding the fix up for all the victims.

So how did I make this comic? The rough thumbnail I did in sketchclub. A promising software, but still not as nice as Sketchbook Pro (With which I'm doing a childrens book, 113 pages complete so far) and the colors and finish done in Brushes. My main problem with sketch club is that once you go away from the software the drawings dissapear. No other art program does that. Very annoying. For the final composition like lettering and panel borders I did in Photoshop ;) on my Mac. It's still used.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well as not a surprise the client wasn't happy with the cover. They told me it looks too 'Childish'. They are Chinese and English is not their first language so sometimes when something comes out offensive I try to not be offended. I would hope that a company that cries that they can't pay you that much and tries to do something to be more of help to you would let you express yourself more. If the cash is crap, and I get bossed around a bit, then this becomes even less fun and more insulting, BUT I really want to have some exposure in Shanghai, so I'll keep going for a bit. The response to the black and white pic was 'What is happening here?' Then eventually 'It looks like he's a doctor and she's a sick patient'. Anyways they settled for the colour cover I did with that attempt. I don't think they were extatic about it though. Well anyway it's a cover to a magazine in Shanghai, so there you go, a portfolio piece.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here's a cover I did to That's Shanghai suppliment magazine 'UrbanAnatomy'. I hope they use it, because I spent too much time on it. They're wording things strange there, so not sure if they'll use it, editor and designer is usually happy with it, but the money person seems to be out of touch weird person. It's OK though, blogger is blocked in China, and the owner is Chinese middle aged person who probably doesn't even read blogbus (Chinese equivilent to this). Anyways I was happy with the sketch below, and I'll accept it with very heavy heart if they don't like it, because they weren't 100% with the concept sketches I sent them.

On to technicalities, the B&W stuff was done in brushes on le iPad, then cleaned up in Illustrator with line trace, then colored and comped in Photoshop.

Cultural reference of the day, if your read the text i make a reference to yellow. Yellow is the colour in Chinese for sexual obsenity. EG yellow movie=porn film. I am waaaaay to amused by this :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

These were other sketches I did for next issue of that's Shanghai. Thought I posted these, anyway these were propsals before the brief, and the one previous post after brief ;)

Will post more Giraffe stuff later, but in the meantime...

Here's a rough sketch I hope will be accepted as the cover for that's Shanghai suppliment Urban anatomy. Cross fingers, I'm busy and don't want to go through what happened last time, to their credit I've been getting a lot more detailed briefs. The Panda was my effort at vector art. I did it using iDraw for iPad. It's a pretty solid program, and not that difficult to use, but struggling with gradients and the pinch zoom is a bit finicky. I want the new iPad, I've hit the limitations of the current one :( Considering I'm not a fan of working in vector, especially as for me it's difficult to do the type of organic line art I like, this came out OK. Also playing with another new iPad app, sketch club, it only has two layers, and it's still kinda clunky like art rage, but it has by far the best integrated community element. Considering it's only 2 months old, and ha s a ton of members making great things, i expect some good updates and I'll stick with it a bit longer and post some stuff up soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

This is our toy prototype. Tired and busy as shit to post up a nice presentation of it. I'll put it up soon though, but here's this because I keep threating to show off the prototype of my toy on twitter. he's copyright Brigh Junior Media, but I created him for CzuCzu.