Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's a recent picture I did of Lily, a character from 'School girls fighting robots'. The actual picture itself is basically 'what stupid thing can I draw for my next show'. A girl lighting her own fart is an easy go to for this problem. For those that don't follow my twitter, I'm working on a TV show for Poland. It was initially supposed to be part of something, but it isn't. It's its own thing now. We're still working out what it actually is. It's geek orientated. It does involve my iPad and drawing and it will have audience participation, but between you and me I want it to be something to give more Naomi and Poggie stuff. I have a story with them I want to finish and I want to work towards that now. I hope all the cool things that are happening with Czu Czu and all this webshake TV stuff leads to that eventually.

So why so many versions and step by step version of this one picture? Well if you read reviews of sketchbook pro, and Brushes on iTunes they all get good reception, but apparantly pale in comparison to Inspire Pro. So I immediatly bought this thinking this is something amazing. It isn't. The reason you see 4 pictures is, because the software has no layers. All the other apps have layers, even free ones. Sketchbook express has 3. So basically my main gripes, lack of layers, a little slow, and the pinch zoom is buggy compared to brushes and Sketchbook. The brush blurring smearing effects are quite nice and if you're a real painter you might appreciate this. I'm not. In the old days I sketched on paper coloured on photoshop. So if you're an honest to god painter, maybe I see value in this over other software, but if you just want quick and reliable art program with flexibility this blows. :p

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I was on Webshake TV here in Poland doing spots for art apps on the iPad. This is what I did on the show. You can see the process and the final image :) I used brushes. Not much to say as I have to finish my book, and the final Melbourne versions of the TV ad need to be rendered. Next weekend I'll go home to be a vegetable then I think I might post up more casual fun stuff :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here are my next proposals for the magazine. I think it's called urban eyes not urban anatomy. Anyway. The them is rock. I made two propsal. One is my looooong time highschool frien Ray Lechminka who plays harp in Blues band. I did that all in brushes. Far from finished. The other sketch is just a band playing. Based off some photos and experiences seeing live music in Shanghai. After seeing Reel Big Fish and Suburban Legends in the UK last weekend. I realized how much I missed seeing gigs with happy trumpet playing. So I hope they let me lose on this month. The band sketch was done in Adobe Ideas, they updated the app, and it's far from perfect, but it's a ton more usable! these next weeks will be super busy. Will post more stuff soon...