Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now I'm getting more comfortable with the iPad. The rough layouts I do in sketchbook pro and I do the colours in Brushes. The VPN at work (I use the same one on my own Mac and it's fine) is just buggy.

I'm really liking this as an art tool. I just hope they wont charge $500 for an app when they fix the resolution limit.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

here are the other girls finished. Came out a lot better than I expected :) Especially the cheerleader! Anyway got a second batch to do now. Will try on ipad, but might resort to still using old methods... :(

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some iPad drawings. I swear I had more... It's a great art tool, but quite frankly, for that price, I would imagine it's just for a niche like me. Anyway, the blue pic was done in sketchbook pro. The iPad is great for spy drawing. When I'm sitting and doodling in my leather bound sketchpad with my pens and pencils out, the person is usually clued in what's up and they are uncomfortable. With an iPad they assume I'm surfing the web and being a pretentious douche. The other pic of Lili from School Girls fighting robots, was done in Brushes. A pretty neat drawing tool. No propper export feature like sketchbook pro, and sketchbook pro has finger gestures I'm used to. Anyway I hope within a month most my drawings are done using iPad. The pinch zoom and generally drawing with my finger is a lot more intuitive than I imagined. Just need to finish these other girly pics at the moment :(:(:(

These are the drawings I talked about. Still need to finish the color on these.

this is the sexy girls part1 project. 3 down 2 more to go. I just need to colour those. I know. Not THAT sexy :p.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

These were some of my first drawings. The panda and spitting girl were done with a Stylus, and the other girl was me trying to ink over a sketch on iPad. The thing is still not 100% for me, but the convenience of working on the go really makes me want to get the hang of it. When I'm at a coffee shop with my sketchbook and pencils and pens, everyone wants to look and have to feel a bit self concious. With iPad they think I'm a pretentious douche surfing the web. I might try what my friend Tim McEwen does and sketch people in public. They wouldn't think I'm sketching anymore :) I drew the Panda while trying to log on the web at Starbucks. The iPad is not a netbook. It is a big screen iPod touch.

Finally, posting up some of my iPad pictures. My Wacom is dying and not doing it's job right, and an intuos tablets are pricey, and the cintiq is about the price of my computer so I was looking at some alternatives, looked up stuff on the internet and played with some before and took the plunge and bought an iPad. I'm a critic of the iPad, because quite frankly I still don't know what it is. Most gadgets have a main functions and stuff they do rather competently on the side. My Nokia is a phone, but it plays music and some OK games and descent happy snaps, my iPod plays music, and is a hard disk and movie viewer too, and my digital camera captures descent home movies too. The iPad has no main function, but being a a screen that does some stuff quite competently. In my situation and lifestyle and work, the iPad is my best option. I do most my drawing outside work, and the stuff needs to be digital. I have to say I think the iPad is good at that, but I'm a super niche market. For all the other stuff the iPad does, my Dell mini does everything better and faster at almost half the price. The touch screen is neet, but I preffer e-mailing and surfing the web with a keyboard and mouse. The touchscreen I'm not a fan of. As for games? It costs more than a PS3, and besides some casual games the format doesn't suit what I play. Except Monkey Island.
So I'm not highly impressed with the iPad, but for what I want to do it's great. Some of the art programmes on it are super sweet. Only gripe is that most only let you work at the resolution of the screen, so you still need your desktop for commercial work, though I'm guessing some of the vector programmes might work fine.
I have Artstudio, Brushes and Sketchbook Pro. I used sketchbook pro before, and it is the best sketching programme on my Mac. The animatic I have a couple of posts before was done with sketchbook pro and after effects ;) And on the iPad it's even more comfortable, and actually all my drawings posted are done with that.
The only con I have with sketchbook pro, that it won't let you draw bigger than big size, and when you zoom in it becomes blurry. I preffer the pixelated option of Photoshop and Artstudio on iPad. Other than that sketchbook pro draws lines with practically no lag, it has a heavy set of options, and let's you put images from itunes straight to your desktop. With other software needing you to e-mail yourself if you want to do anything with it. It's actually a hassle, as gmail on iPad won't let you load up attachments.
Artstudio is best on user option, but the pencil lags a bit, but you can have an image a little bigger than your screen. Nothing too serious or impressive, but it's better, and Brushes is not so intuitive, and I need to play with it more.
Adobe have a sketch programme called Ideas, it's free, and vectorises your images. No layers though, it's pretty simple tool, but still pretty cool.
Overall I bought my iPad with a stylus. My stylus is crap, it's rubbery, small and has a fat tip. try to draw with the side and it doesn't work. I find using the finger actually quite good. These images all done with my finger :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm doing this series of girl pictures for a friend I suppose. So you'll see a lot of that being posted in coming weeks :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

there's a t-shirt design contest on this Chinese website. As you can see I want to do something with this Chinese girl thing. I don't know it's kinda interesting and maybe when I get it right it could be a good shirt. Right now it's not. I think I fucked the colours up.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

drew a couple of pictures that were fun. The S&M monkey cam from the previous commissioned piece. Thought he was cool. The other's are vauge resemblences of things I see in the street. Lot's of Chinese girls and even some dudes use umbrellas to block the sun. And I also saw a cute girl spitting. The other pic is just that I used to (Still do, but not as much) see a bunch of people let their kids pee on the street. The other weekend a saw it twice and for the first time on the subway. Still it's not a common occurance in China.