Friday, September 17, 2010

Some iPad drawings. I swear I had more... It's a great art tool, but quite frankly, for that price, I would imagine it's just for a niche like me. Anyway, the blue pic was done in sketchbook pro. The iPad is great for spy drawing. When I'm sitting and doodling in my leather bound sketchpad with my pens and pencils out, the person is usually clued in what's up and they are uncomfortable. With an iPad they assume I'm surfing the web and being a pretentious douche. The other pic of Lili from School Girls fighting robots, was done in Brushes. A pretty neat drawing tool. No propper export feature like sketchbook pro, and sketchbook pro has finger gestures I'm used to. Anyway I hope within a month most my drawings are done using iPad. The pinch zoom and generally drawing with my finger is a lot more intuitive than I imagined. Just need to finish these other girly pics at the moment :(:(:(

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