Friday, May 20, 2011

I always thought owls were boring crappy animals not deserving of being anything but a humourless side note in cartoons. Doing research on a project at work I realised Owls are funny as shit. Just look at that photo! Don't you want one?

I'm just doing concept work for this book project for this dude to take over. It's him and his wife's baby, the company I work for is publishing it and I help out most projects we start up. Meeting him tomorrow.

On the technicalities. Yellow Owl over there was done in sketch club, the washed out one was done in Adobe Ideas. The other two were don in sketchbook pro. Now that there's a higher res version of it I'm using it again.

On another note my books been out for 2 days, feedback is good, but waiting for sales. Hope it's good!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A bunch of my new inkpad drawings. getting more confident in them. The teacher teacher one took me about 2 hours. Still a little long I think. Most sketches initially done in brushes, except the teacher teacher one. A new sketchbook pro update came with a higher res canvas :) it's not as slow as they warned it would be. The colour image is a wedding present for an ex coworker in China. He's a good artist himself. I initially wanted to do something in the new updated high res version of Artstudio, but it was a bit slow and not coming out the way I wanted it to. The birds are sketches from that version, but I redrew the couple in brushes. I'll be honest, the guy strikes some resemblence, but is not as fun looking as I would want it to be, and the girl kinda the same issue. Maybe more fun and less resemblence... Anyway, I hope they like it :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My latest Toy sample, based on concept art. :) Not much to add yet, waiting for a sample to arrive from another factory. It looks a littlebit more on model than this from photos I received, but a tad lesser in quality... they do produce at a lower price, so looking at cost and quality overall. This process is soooo slow, and considering I'm new to this, learning and I don't want to do a shit job for once, it's not speeding things up :(