Saturday, May 7, 2011

A bunch of my new inkpad drawings. getting more confident in them. The teacher teacher one took me about 2 hours. Still a little long I think. Most sketches initially done in brushes, except the teacher teacher one. A new sketchbook pro update came with a higher res canvas :) it's not as slow as they warned it would be. The colour image is a wedding present for an ex coworker in China. He's a good artist himself. I initially wanted to do something in the new updated high res version of Artstudio, but it was a bit slow and not coming out the way I wanted it to. The birds are sketches from that version, but I redrew the couple in brushes. I'll be honest, the guy strikes some resemblence, but is not as fun looking as I would want it to be, and the girl kinda the same issue. Maybe more fun and less resemblence... Anyway, I hope they like it :)

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