Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well, here they are! Our books! So a little about it. The publisher I work for/with whatever way we want to word it :) feels more like with than for. So here's my first project with them. My contribution here is basically making sure we keep some signature things intact with logo and the bubbles. Wanted to integrate somehow moreso the future merchandise we have coming out with it, but we're little out of time as we do have to release things to make money. I also did one book that I'll preview here. Besides me the other 3 artists in this series of books Asia who's work you can see here, Jystina who's site and Filip who i make innapropriate jokes with he's site is

So have a look at their work, I don't think they have much else from their own book, but a ton of cool personal stuff :)

As for my book. I couldn't be bothered going through my files, so I just took photos of some of my more favourite pics. The books are for kids to finish off, two other ladies wrote texts for the book in Polish :) explaining or hinting for kids what to do. There will be an English version, and I think also a German, French and maybe Chinese version too. Besides seeming like I aimlessly drew 245 drawings, to come up with 35 drawings a week a drew from some expriences, so some samples here include my time spray painting in Shanghai, Cricket reminds me of Australia where I lived technically most my life, Also my best friend from Uni plays the drums, and another close friend is a harp player, so that's where those drawings come from. The DJ one has no meaning, but that's my fave pic. The Panda is a reoccuring creature, with a Tobacco Bunny esque rebbit, a cat and a monkey. I thought robots would be more prelevant, but hardly any, besides the monkey one here, maybe 3 more in the book. Ice cream!! Reoccures many times in the book, and on this site :) Best ice cream in Argentina I tells ya! I will make an icecream pilgrimage there one day. I was there when I was 11, so it's been a while.

The technicalities! I drew all the drawings initially on my iPad using sketchbook pro. Because the resolution limitations I had to live trace them on illustrator. Then Filip did all the lay out and preparations for print.

So I think that's all I'll write about. It'll be out first through in Poland May 18th, than 2 weeks later in plenty of other stores around Poland. Have no clue when the international versions are coming out :( I know there are English versions coming out, and I can't confirm, but I think German versions will be out even earlier.

Art on inkpad! I'm more happy with my vector art results. Still need to work on my speed, but getting the hang of it! :) Also figured out how to exprot as pdf. Not much to say though.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Totally forgot my sketch up drawings. I really enjoy that community and on the iPad2 the pinch zoom and drawing in general is quite nicer, and on an app that lagged a bit like this on the original iPad you can really see the advantage of the hardware, and I suppose let's software developers be more lazy. Also the more layers they added in the update and it crashes less, it's better. I still feel it lacks to some other apps, but the community keeps me at it. It's a lot better than the flicker option, though the flicker groups do link you to more people, but the community here is quite big and some artists here are amazing :) I wish I was as good as them. I'm having a hard time in general applying and taking advantage of all options and brushes.

It's been a while. Can't believe i haven't posted any new shit I did on my new iPad 2. It's a whole mixed bag here! Been trying new apps aswell as old ones. So where to start? Some of the comic roughs I did on Brushes. After testing out many art apps, I still feel most comfortable with that app, but finding some other ones coming close. The shaded owl and and mouse was done on Procreate. It's a relatively simple app, but you can create your own brushes, has layers and it does smudging. Hooray! It's basically what inspire should have been, but isn't. Only draw back at the moment is the canvas size, it's actually a tad smaller than the screen, but I'm reading on the internet it is getting a bigger canvas in a future update soon.

I was listening to Hollywood babble On a Kevin Smith podcast, and I doodled him with no reference on Zen brush. It's not a real art tool, But the brushes are nice and it's cool for quick sketches. I think this is the app I'll finally do those sneky life drawings of people who aren't looking. No pinch zoom and layers kinda sucks, but i think that's the point of it. A pinch zoom would be nice though.

Well no secret since the title of the blog I won't be giving up on my Naomi and Poggie comic Idea. I'm brewing a story from the beginning of this blog, and I'm writing and testing stuff out. If I do a good job on CzuCzu and it brings in the cash, I'll be working on a more family friendly version of Naomi and Poggie, and I'll do it most likely entirely on my iPad. I'm getting my head around inkpad and it's an awesome tool. Thanks for the help from last time I know how to squash and stretch shapes. I'm still missing three things though. I hope to have a more comic style font for my comics (can I import those?), also can't flip layers like in brushes to check if my drawing looks lop sided, and It seems i can't export my images in vector in pdf or any other form (is it me?), you can in paintbook pro and iDraw. Otherwise I'm really enjoying the app. I'm now trying something else with the vector techniques for another strip. Looking for a system, and experimenting with something else. I'm still slow :( so hope with experience i can get better. I hope to get to a point where I can do at least on if not two nice pages in a weekend. I struggle to do a strip at the moment. Also I think Naomi and Poggie came out kinda shit, but the old lady and Tobacco Bunny came out promising in the strip, so that will keep me going :)

The owl and rat thing are a pitch for work. I do some concept stuff, and guide another artist to finish it off. Which is what I do at work, and it's fun :) I do some doodles, and everyone else does the labour intensive stuff. And the labour intensive stuff I want to do I can do at home.

Warning, my test pages are crude, and not so funny, but they are just tests ;) Right now besides drawing I'm writing a script for my comic. Also using my iPad, as I don't like to carry my laptop and my netbook is stranded in Shanghai gathering dust and cat fur at my friends house :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Haven't posted for a while. Haven't got much interesting stuff, as I've just been bust with work, and it's all prep work for someone else to finish. I'm not ready to launch things for that until I think it looks gang busters! As for personal stuff? No news from Shanghai, my Editor friend I think is leaving or has left, and no one else from that Shanghai has contacted me. Hmmm... interesting. I do have some Polish things happening though. You can order my book from Out on May 18th.

I also been learning some new software for my iPad. I won't use inspire pro anytime soon! :p I mentioned sketch club before and how it has a promising community. It's really nicely integrated with the software, and that's the ONLY reason I'm sticking with the software. It has some nice brushes, but sketchbook pro has more. It has a vector mode, but inkpad (more on that later) is a ton better tool for that. The newer update gave it more layers. Before it was 2, now it's five, since I usually use 3 or 4 this was really useful for me. It's still laggy though, and it doesn't always recognise pinch zoom, and frustratingly you can make mistakes with that. The responsive community is awesome though, and my Naomi and Poggie thing there was a 'featured' piece on the first day, and there are some awesome artists there.

Now, I'm trying to get my head around vector. I used iDraw before, which is OK, and I was getting used to it with the Panda, but it's bloody slow. You all know (I think that's 5 of you, right?) that I'm a big fan of Brushes for iPad. It's a super solid drawing/painting app and I'm a fan. The same guys came up with a vector app called 'inkpad' You can see my vector drawings of Tobaco Bunny in a dragon suit (my first attempt) and a vector Lili drawing. My second attempt. Still trying to get my head around vector, but I like where it's going, but it's still a super slow process and not sure about it, but if I want to do print ready work straight on iPad this is my best option. Best vector app I used on iPad and definately the one with least slowdown. Still some little bugs. Can't squash or stretch my selection for example.

I want my iPad2!!! All sold out in Poland :'(