Monday, April 25, 2011

It's been a while. Can't believe i haven't posted any new shit I did on my new iPad 2. It's a whole mixed bag here! Been trying new apps aswell as old ones. So where to start? Some of the comic roughs I did on Brushes. After testing out many art apps, I still feel most comfortable with that app, but finding some other ones coming close. The shaded owl and and mouse was done on Procreate. It's a relatively simple app, but you can create your own brushes, has layers and it does smudging. Hooray! It's basically what inspire should have been, but isn't. Only draw back at the moment is the canvas size, it's actually a tad smaller than the screen, but I'm reading on the internet it is getting a bigger canvas in a future update soon.

I was listening to Hollywood babble On a Kevin Smith podcast, and I doodled him with no reference on Zen brush. It's not a real art tool, But the brushes are nice and it's cool for quick sketches. I think this is the app I'll finally do those sneky life drawings of people who aren't looking. No pinch zoom and layers kinda sucks, but i think that's the point of it. A pinch zoom would be nice though.

Well no secret since the title of the blog I won't be giving up on my Naomi and Poggie comic Idea. I'm brewing a story from the beginning of this blog, and I'm writing and testing stuff out. If I do a good job on CzuCzu and it brings in the cash, I'll be working on a more family friendly version of Naomi and Poggie, and I'll do it most likely entirely on my iPad. I'm getting my head around inkpad and it's an awesome tool. Thanks for the help from last time I know how to squash and stretch shapes. I'm still missing three things though. I hope to have a more comic style font for my comics (can I import those?), also can't flip layers like in brushes to check if my drawing looks lop sided, and It seems i can't export my images in vector in pdf or any other form (is it me?), you can in paintbook pro and iDraw. Otherwise I'm really enjoying the app. I'm now trying something else with the vector techniques for another strip. Looking for a system, and experimenting with something else. I'm still slow :( so hope with experience i can get better. I hope to get to a point where I can do at least on if not two nice pages in a weekend. I struggle to do a strip at the moment. Also I think Naomi and Poggie came out kinda shit, but the old lady and Tobacco Bunny came out promising in the strip, so that will keep me going :)

The owl and rat thing are a pitch for work. I do some concept stuff, and guide another artist to finish it off. Which is what I do at work, and it's fun :) I do some doodles, and everyone else does the labour intensive stuff. And the labour intensive stuff I want to do I can do at home.

Warning, my test pages are crude, and not so funny, but they are just tests ;) Right now besides drawing I'm writing a script for my comic. Also using my iPad, as I don't like to carry my laptop and my netbook is stranded in Shanghai gathering dust and cat fur at my friends house :)

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