Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Here is a super old thing I found looking around material for my reel. Some old line tests I did while working at Disney. I also snuck in something I animated to play with the line testing machine. These date back to 2003. I'm still not a fan of computers, but then less so. I just drew mainly in my sketchbook and this was the way for me to learn animation and see my drawings move. The three Musketeers stuff here is me doing some cooler effects like shoe, bag, splash stuff. The lame looking Lilo and Stitch and Tarzan scenes were some rare scenes I actually animated not only traced and inbetweened ;)

ooh lala.
saying all my negative posts earlier about sketching on my Sony Viao Duo 13. The reason I bought this so I can have a proper machine to do my 2D animations with. For using flash this is exactly what I needed. Though the Microsoft surface would appeal for me more for carrying around town, the 13 inch screen is the minimu size to take full advantage of frame by frame doodling in flash. So these are some bits I did for my upcoming showreel. I have to wait for 2 projects to be officially announced to upload my full reel, but these bits you can look at now :)


As the title says this is my first post from my new PC. I am not sold on the OS, but though I'm sold on the size/flexibility of my new toy/work tool I kinda wish it would have made my iPad redundant, but I think I won't give up finger drawing on my iPad soon. I think once you get used to the flow of pinch, zoom, rotate of Procreate or sketchclub, drawing even with a fancy stylus just isn't as convenient. Anyway these are my first sketches I did on my first few days with the toy. Hmmmm nothing I will show off at a job interview. After 3 weeks of having it, the blue sketches below are my best efforts, but I must say the iPad sketches were better ;)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's this? 3 posts in one day? Looks like if I will do illustrations flexible for clothing I need to work in vector. Of all the apps that let you doodle in vector looks like Adobe ideas is the best. They fixed the lag from the earlier version, but when I export directly to photoshop on my iPad it rasterizer badly, so adobe still have work to do on the iPad version of photoshop, but Ideas coming along, and it's practical. This image was quite easy and quick to do.

As for the idea itself, if I was a cat and I saw a cow, I would be more frightened than from a dog.

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I recently bought a new computer. It's a 13" Sony Viao Duo. I bought it since my MacBook Pro is falling apart, and iOS is quite frustrating for workflow, especially regarding animation and stuff. Also recently I have had more animation work.

So, my conclusion is, that drawing with a stylus is not comfortable after 3 years of using mainly my fingers. Also after 15 years of being a Mac OS user, switching to Win 8 is not easy, especially as its this weird OS that is transitioning from desktop to tablet.

For desktop apps, the 13 inch screen is great and I should post up some animations I did with it. It is a world of difference between flash on a computer and animation creator on iPad. Unlike drawing apps, which for iPad are quite comparable to desktop and form factor it's perfect. Animation still is super behind.

I was kind of hoping that I could find something to combine my iPad experience and desktop stuff, but that won't happen.

Here are 3 drawings, I did two of them on sketchbook pro on my new computer, and one done on iPad. I can't recreate what I do on iPad with it. It's super annoying. I was hoping this will stop my desire to upgrade to the next iPad, but it didn't.

Also photoshop doesn't support pressure sensitivity on my computer. Boooo!

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I almost ended up working on some Disney things recently. A lot of times these things seem vague and maybe that's why they didn't come out best.

So a bit of a lack of direction and some doodles trying to find direction.

Anyway, here is something that almost was, but turned out it wasn't, so it can be filed as fan art.

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