Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I recently bought a new computer. It's a 13" Sony Viao Duo. I bought it since my MacBook Pro is falling apart, and iOS is quite frustrating for workflow, especially regarding animation and stuff. Also recently I have had more animation work.

So, my conclusion is, that drawing with a stylus is not comfortable after 3 years of using mainly my fingers. Also after 15 years of being a Mac OS user, switching to Win 8 is not easy, especially as its this weird OS that is transitioning from desktop to tablet.

For desktop apps, the 13 inch screen is great and I should post up some animations I did with it. It is a world of difference between flash on a computer and animation creator on iPad. Unlike drawing apps, which for iPad are quite comparable to desktop and form factor it's perfect. Animation still is super behind.

I was kind of hoping that I could find something to combine my iPad experience and desktop stuff, but that won't happen.

Here are 3 drawings, I did two of them on sketchbook pro on my new computer, and one done on iPad. I can't recreate what I do on iPad with it. It's super annoying. I was hoping this will stop my desire to upgrade to the next iPad, but it didn't.

Also photoshop doesn't support pressure sensitivity on my computer. Boooo!

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