Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Australia went conservative

Here is a Caricature of the new Prime minister of Australia. I don't believe in his anti gay and anti evolution beliefs. I do believe the earth is significantly older than 6-10 thousand years.

He has big ears though. That's important to point out.

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I have started posting more drawings on Weixin, just to be more social media activity savvy. I'm not good at it. I need to organize my work a bit more and have some direction. I like my blog, but not many people look at it. It's a bit on me, as besides writing and posting pictures I don't do enough to drive traffic... So that's on me ;)

Anyway I started a little series on popes. I used this as an excessive to get used to Adobe Ideas as a drawing tool. It's actually really good now. It lags a lot less and outputs in vector.

So here are the last three popes, hope you can recognize them :)

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