Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back from Korea for almost a week now. Not much to show. Finished the line art for the Tobacco Bunny toy. So Naomi and Poggie to go. This is just some random shit I drew in Starbucks. Will probably be able to dump a bunch of things up soon that have been hidden so far. Actually, not that much, just model sheets and comics. Found out yesterday we have a domain up for 2 months already. WTF!?

Friday, October 16, 2009

IN Korea, mainly catching up with some friends, had one blinder of a night involving trying to pick up random mongolian girl who spoke Chinese and explaining to people I'm not a teacher anymore.

Anyway while waiting at starbucks for a friend I noticed Koreans do have a style, so i drew Naomi and Poggie imitating them. Even with the lens free glass frames I'm not a fan of.

No Mac here, so I relied on my netbook, Gimp and my phone camera to make this. Might clean up or play with this Idea later when I'm back in China :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm going to Korea tomorrow for visa renewels, so I won't update for a week or so. Keeping my Mac in China and just taking the netbook.
So here are some sequences I strung together. Not happy with it, so will change some parts and tighten others. It does give you an Idea where it's going though.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another clip

As you can see I'm keeping with the ice cream theme.

Well, I've been out of action for a while, because my VPN on the Mac doesn't work. I'm looking into other blogs, but I'm kinda liking this. If blogger keeps getting blocked, I'll just get a friend to post a new China friendly address or myself during an overseas trip.

With that in mind I started coming up with some shirt designs. You have a Pic of Naomi's room, and Tobacco Bunny hopping around. I'm super behind this cartoon, but nothing sleepless nights won't help. actually there's a lot more, but busy working, and actually commercially speaking I'm a horrible animator, but to get the Idea out I think this should do.