Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Using my phone today. Tomorrow I have my first live show and might post some stuff from the night. I will put up my poster/print I will be selling. My friend sent me a poster sample on wechat for me to take a gander at. I did this using procreate on iPad and some color correction on photoshop :)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I have a meeting about a project today about making an animated web series, while picking up some more recent animated clips to show, of which I'm allowed to show you can browse around on this blog,  I put together a compilations of my Supanova ads including some animatics, to show them what to expect initially before seeing the finished product. In this clip you will get a sneak peak at what I have planned for this year :) I'm also now on the finishing leg of another app I was working on the past weekend last year. I hope to talk more about it soon ;) and show you all the related images.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Failed attempts

I applied for some game company in Beijing. I failed at the interview stage, but passed the art bit... Or they were being polite.

Aaaanyway, here are the drawings I liked best from the test I might use.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What? More stuff?

I did this strip during a flight from Shanghai to Hungary. I was stuck near 3 fucking babies! All crying and shit! 8 hours of this in a confide space, only thing comes to mind that we are not an endangered species, and our need to breed is over stated, if for 10 years no one gave birth we would still be here. Anyway these are just thoughts during the circumstance I was in ;)

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

This is the first time in over a year I'm using my laptop to update this blog :p Basically super behind on commissioned stuff, but wanted to try something out in animation for ever and never did it. I get the concept of looping a 2D background but this is my first attempt. I also really like this song, and wanted to play with a Poggie walk cycle. Though I love the imperfections that come with 2D this clip here maybe has a tad too much of it :p Oh and the song is "hiding in my headphones" by Reel Big Fish. They were big in the 90s

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New doodles

Well I think this year I will be as lack lustre with posting images as I was last year. I do miss making personal projects, and wish to put some stuff like that. I still have work filed under NDA, though finishing up one other iOS app. I should finish my involvement on that end of this month, but will look over it like Domo until release.

I'm doing character designs for a character someone will make a PVC toy designs viral shorts and eventually a downloadable console game. I will do character design and storyboards for the initial animated clips. Then let them finish.

Hopefully I can announce my next company I will work for. Hope it goes through, final steps now to confirm. I'm talking with two companies, one game the other animation. First come first serve as both are good opportunities. Once I sign the contract I will wrap up these side projects and concentrate on building my own brand again. Then when that isn't going through will pick up more side gigs :p

So these pics below, been talking to a guy Trevor Lai check out his site trevorlai.com he does children's books and really like what he is doing. Many years ago he was interested in me maybe drawing one of his books, I was busy on something else and never put in a propper effort. I did a fan drawing before I met him the last time. These are his characters Jack and Ollie,

The other one. My friend said her friend prints iPhone cases, its a doodle for that. Really just want to make some drawings that go nowhere. I like Lilly and the whole sloppy thing, but response isn't that good to it. I think it needs to be refined.

Anyway hope to post more this year.

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Kiwifarm behind the scenes

As promised many many months ago here are the behind the scenes pictures for Kiwi Farm game. I included mainly my pictures, but the color one were done by my good friend Wen Wen, we worked together on Little war at 5 minutes and I loved the art team there so was stoked to make a game with her. Personally this has been one to the coolest projects I have ever worked on. We will see if Domo ever comes out when it does or if its totally dead I will post up the pictures for that, even the test video I made to make us follow the more ambitious art direction I wanted to do.

For now take a look at this, though my time at Mobilenow is finished I'm glad we could do the book to wrap up at least one project nicely. The game has many faults, but with our time limit and not having a real GDD I think Wen Wen and I did an awesome job :) one of the few projects I am truly happy with, and with the crazy 2012 I was handed glad to come out with at least one big project that is looking nice.

The game is free again and pretty finished for now. Download it from iTunes. or your iPhone or iPod touch, it works on iPad but its a bit ass. Also for people iOS up to date the game isn't. You will have black bars. It won't be updated as it would involve Money stuff I don't want to get into.

Just download it, give it patience and hope you can get to around level 10 or higher as that is when the game starts to be more pretty ;)

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