Saturday, January 5, 2013

New doodles

Well I think this year I will be as lack lustre with posting images as I was last year. I do miss making personal projects, and wish to put some stuff like that. I still have work filed under NDA, though finishing up one other iOS app. I should finish my involvement on that end of this month, but will look over it like Domo until release.

I'm doing character designs for a character someone will make a PVC toy designs viral shorts and eventually a downloadable console game. I will do character design and storyboards for the initial animated clips. Then let them finish.

Hopefully I can announce my next company I will work for. Hope it goes through, final steps now to confirm. I'm talking with two companies, one game the other animation. First come first serve as both are good opportunities. Once I sign the contract I will wrap up these side projects and concentrate on building my own brand again. Then when that isn't going through will pick up more side gigs :p

So these pics below, been talking to a guy Trevor Lai check out his site he does children's books and really like what he is doing. Many years ago he was interested in me maybe drawing one of his books, I was busy on something else and never put in a propper effort. I did a fan drawing before I met him the last time. These are his characters Jack and Ollie,

The other one. My friend said her friend prints iPhone cases, its a doodle for that. Really just want to make some drawings that go nowhere. I like Lilly and the whole sloppy thing, but response isn't that good to it. I think it needs to be refined.

Anyway hope to post more this year.

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