Monday, April 11, 2011

Haven't posted for a while. Haven't got much interesting stuff, as I've just been bust with work, and it's all prep work for someone else to finish. I'm not ready to launch things for that until I think it looks gang busters! As for personal stuff? No news from Shanghai, my Editor friend I think is leaving or has left, and no one else from that Shanghai has contacted me. Hmmm... interesting. I do have some Polish things happening though. You can order my book from Out on May 18th.

I also been learning some new software for my iPad. I won't use inspire pro anytime soon! :p I mentioned sketch club before and how it has a promising community. It's really nicely integrated with the software, and that's the ONLY reason I'm sticking with the software. It has some nice brushes, but sketchbook pro has more. It has a vector mode, but inkpad (more on that later) is a ton better tool for that. The newer update gave it more layers. Before it was 2, now it's five, since I usually use 3 or 4 this was really useful for me. It's still laggy though, and it doesn't always recognise pinch zoom, and frustratingly you can make mistakes with that. The responsive community is awesome though, and my Naomi and Poggie thing there was a 'featured' piece on the first day, and there are some awesome artists there.

Now, I'm trying to get my head around vector. I used iDraw before, which is OK, and I was getting used to it with the Panda, but it's bloody slow. You all know (I think that's 5 of you, right?) that I'm a big fan of Brushes for iPad. It's a super solid drawing/painting app and I'm a fan. The same guys came up with a vector app called 'inkpad' You can see my vector drawings of Tobaco Bunny in a dragon suit (my first attempt) and a vector Lili drawing. My second attempt. Still trying to get my head around vector, but I like where it's going, but it's still a super slow process and not sure about it, but if I want to do print ready work straight on iPad this is my best option. Best vector app I used on iPad and definately the one with least slowdown. Still some little bugs. Can't squash or stretch my selection for example.

I want my iPad2!!! All sold out in Poland :'(


  1. In Inkpad you can squash/stretch an object. While dragging with the scale tool to resize an object, hold down a second finger on the screen to scale non-uniformly.

    Many tools in Inkpad use "hold down a 2nd finger after you start dragging" as a modifier (described in the in-app Guide).