Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well as not a surprise the client wasn't happy with the cover. They told me it looks too 'Childish'. They are Chinese and English is not their first language so sometimes when something comes out offensive I try to not be offended. I would hope that a company that cries that they can't pay you that much and tries to do something to be more of help to you would let you express yourself more. If the cash is crap, and I get bossed around a bit, then this becomes even less fun and more insulting, BUT I really want to have some exposure in Shanghai, so I'll keep going for a bit. The response to the black and white pic was 'What is happening here?' Then eventually 'It looks like he's a doctor and she's a sick patient'. Anyways they settled for the colour cover I did with that attempt. I don't think they were extatic about it though. Well anyway it's a cover to a magazine in Shanghai, so there you go, a portfolio piece.

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