Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's a comic I did to raise cash for the recent Queensland disasters that just happened. My Mum lives near Cairns where Cyclone Yaris (I remember when these things had pretty girls names) hit, and the big floods in Brisbain. Supanova is putting together a collection of comics done by Australians (I have a passport you could argue I am one) into a book that will be for sale with all cash going to funding the fix up for all the victims.

So how did I make this comic? The rough thumbnail I did in sketchclub. A promising software, but still not as nice as Sketchbook Pro (With which I'm doing a childrens book, 113 pages complete so far) and the colors and finish done in Brushes. My main problem with sketch club is that once you go away from the software the drawings dissapear. No other art program does that. Very annoying. For the final composition like lettering and panel borders I did in Photoshop ;) on my Mac. It's still used.

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