Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here's a cover I did to That's Shanghai suppliment magazine 'UrbanAnatomy'. I hope they use it, because I spent too much time on it. They're wording things strange there, so not sure if they'll use it, editor and designer is usually happy with it, but the money person seems to be out of touch weird person. It's OK though, blogger is blocked in China, and the owner is Chinese middle aged person who probably doesn't even read blogbus (Chinese equivilent to this). Anyways I was happy with the sketch below, and I'll accept it with very heavy heart if they don't like it, because they weren't 100% with the concept sketches I sent them.

On to technicalities, the B&W stuff was done in brushes on le iPad, then cleaned up in Illustrator with line trace, then colored and comped in Photoshop.

Cultural reference of the day, if your read the text i make a reference to yellow. Yellow is the colour in Chinese for sexual obsenity. EG yellow movie=porn film. I am waaaaay to amused by this :D

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