Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well here's an image I did for a proposal for work. The sketch was done in sketchbook pro, but the actual painting in brushes. I love my iPad. Only for this reason though. I don't have to be secretive about my current job though. I see a bunch of my stuff paraded around meetings and conferences, so I can share too, but we're posting a behind the scenes blog officially too, so most my work regarding Czu Czu (English name still figuring out). The project I'm on (there's two, but regarding this pic) you can see at It's all in Polish, but it should be propper international next year (English, French and I'm hoping Chinese). Since I did this in Brushes on ze iPad, that I recomend to all artists who always carry a sketchbook around town. here's a speedpaint video :)

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