Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another doodle. I wanted to draw something in comic form. The actual text is kinda filthy and no point in sharing. The pic is alright. I do not miss paper and pen at all anymore.

Oh BTW I'm on an iPad 3 now due to be given one for one of my projects. Actually I was given 2 by two different jobs. Ooh la la, I have two iPads, though one is a job specific one. Anyway in a nutshell performance wise the iPad 3 is the same as the 2 as it seems all the grunt is just powering pixels, and older apps like ink pad actually run better on the older device for some reason. So if after six months you are still wondering if you should update, you know what I think.

Also good news. My Kiwi game for Zespri has been approved by apple, so look at the trailer here
The game will work in English too. I like this game and got to work with good people. It's free so if you have an iOS device no good reason not to download it.

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