Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back after many moons!

So I have been off this blog, because I've been involved in way to many projects and a bunch of NDA stuff. I'm back now :)

Still in Shanghai, still mainly doing games. Will update blog with more things as I can talk about some projects. It seems the movie I worked on last year got pulled after premiering at the Shanghai film festival. I would hope it wasn't due to my 2 week stint on it. I made a cool friend through it and we might do a small project soon. Will link to his site when it's up :)

Last Friday we shipped the first of my super big projects. I was the art director for a game that was launched for Zespri. It was an amazing project to be a part of as pretty much 90% of my direction and graphic feel was kept. I hope it pays off, but I was lucky to have that chance, and also reunited me with some people I really liked in 5 minutes. I will put together a post with that.

Also we are now doing the Marketing for Domo. A teenage dream was realised here. Art directing a 2d platform game for a famous Japanese character. Both games weren't able to be 100% on a technical level though which upsets me a bit. I really didn't think this day an age a machine like the iPhone would have 2d graphical limitations, but it does.

Will give a visual report to it soon,

But for now here are some presents I drew. One is for my girlfriends brother who just got married and the other is a birthday gift for my best friend who I graduated uni with :) I will be back now :)

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