Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's been many months since my last update, but I've been super busy in Shanghai since arriving back. Working on movies, computer games, promotions, live drawing. Some things I can share others I can't :( So here is what I can share.

My first clients when arriving in Shanghai were these guys.
guys http://www.reigndesign.com/ And for them I animated their new title screen, which you should see below. I didn't do the drawings though, just the animation ;) The other was a title character for their next game, flockwork. It's the brown dog. I'll also show you some concept sketches I initially threw together. Some just for in game poses and others for the initial character. Besides that I'm also right now negotiating other contracts I can't talk about and it's kinda why I've been absent from this site. I'm also busy away on a picture book, I'll post pics up for when I'm done, just a page or two, some sketches and how you can get it.

So the other pictures, the girls smoking (lili) was done on a spanking new android phone. It's a Motorola Atrix I bought cheap in Hong Kong. Has a nice 4 inch screen and I can play with it on long trips or long waiting for bank stuff. Android app store is still lacking in the art department software wise compared to apple, but hardware wise the Lenovo thinkpad will probably be my next tablet as Android apps mature. So I'll use my phone to keep tabs on whats cool, and when to convert.

The iPad is still cool though. The B&W thing is Billy the Daemon Slayer done on my iPad2, which is a creation by Hayden Fryer. He's releasing a trade paperback collecting a bunch of his comics and me with other artists are contributing some pinups for him :) you can check out Billy at http://www.siberianproductions.com/ or look for Billy Daemon slayer on facebook.

That's it for now. Hop to post more frequently, but over occupied with other things :( hope to post cool stuff though.

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