Friday, September 14, 2012

Well, Kiwi farm is out. Search for Kiwi farm on the AppStore and download it. The new update is going to really improve the graphics. Kind of annoyed we couldn't get this done from scratch,but oh we'll better late than never.

I should get the art up here. We are putting together an art of book, that is really confusing the Chinese, but should start to finally show some pride in their work and not treat their art as things for shovel ware.

Since I'm coming from the iPad, here is an old pic I haven't shared. There is a weird dude in Shanghai that draws people on the street and showes it to you in the hope you buy it. I got a bit adjetated by him, so while he was drawing me I drew him. He wasn't happy, but at least he knew how I felt ;)

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