Monday, October 1, 2012

These my latest commission. It's something for INSEAD. Some fancy pants business school for people already in fancy pants jobs.

So one of the guys here commissioned me last year for a project and hired me for something this year. Normally I don't advertise myself for caricature jobs, but I like doing them. And we'll doing a portrait of 47 people some are bound to look like their subjects :)

So I want to show how successfully a project goes. I got minor fix ups generally the client was pleased, and this was a 3 week project with a weekly progress sketch which I will share. Hope these pics will pop up in order.

Also all the art was drawn on my iPad. For this piece I used sketch club as the pen tool does an amazing job imitating the brush pen I used to use when Nokia 5110s were more common than iPhones. The final assembly was done in photoshop on my rusty old MacBook.

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