Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A bit busy working on my follow up book, but here's something interesting that came into my inbox. My CzuCzu keychains :) First 'mass produced' merch I designed. There'll be a 100 000 of these. I think the sex toy boxes were a larger amount, but this will most likely be in my CV highlights. Totally stocked about this :)

Also I am moving to Japan at the end of next month to start my next chapter in life. I love my job here in Krakow, but the town is too small for someone like me (My initial complaint about Sydney which is 5 times bigger than this). although I'll most likely start teaching English when I get there, I hope the environment will be great for me to be inspired to do the crazy stuff I used to be known for in my small press indie comic days :)

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