Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh, shit! It's been a while since I posted. Been super busy traveling around saying good bye to family and friends. Also concentrating on wrapping stuff up for work. Meaning I had to finish a 60 + page style guide for CzuCzu. Kinda glad I got to finish it as it's a fantastic document to show what needs to be created for an IP. Something a lot of small companies think is not so important. As for these pics? Nothing much really, just some relaxing pics to take my mind off what I should be concentrating on, and I submited most of them to some sketchclub competitions. The sun did well and made it into the top 20, but the Panda kinda bombed, and I'm not sure why. I liked it. Also the Vampire one is fairing worse than I expected, so a bit bumbed by that, as it's another one I kinda liked.

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