Saturday, August 13, 2011

Very strange, but my last post ended up in June, not sure why. Anyway trying to get used to posting with blogpress, which kinda blows that I have to pay for something I used to do for free on the Internet. That's a minus point for iPad. It's a hassle transferring all my work to my Mac and two pounds isn't what's going to send me broke.

Anyway let's hope this post gets into the right date. If it does my last post went backwards to June or something. Today is the 13th of August.

As for this piece? Nothing special really. Just using this app really, and putting up anything and hope this site won't be blocked when I get to China. Apparently if you enter in through blogger it should be OK or I hope I can update through this app without being blocked. I did this as a sketch club comp thing. That's about it. Doesn't look to be that popular :p

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