Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soon I'm going to stop mentioning I draw everything on iPad. I do. I have 4 or 5 art apps I work around. Anyway here is an exception. I'm a beta tester for Autodesk Sketchbook. I'm more interested in the tablet versions of their product, but I'm testing out some new features on updates to the new desktop version. Since the last version of Sketchbook pro I used was still made by Alias, I'm not sure what is it they improved exactly, but I figured I should get to know the desktop app anyway. These are caricaturama 3000 comp entries. Mainly practices. I don't think I'll take caricaturing seriously. It's fun to do, but the pressure of getting the likeness all the time is hard, and the problem s it makes you focus too much on face and the excersize makes you forget about everything else.

So, Michael Moore was done in Sketchclub for iPad. I did this so I had something to upload to that community. The Jason Siegel (Guy from how I met your mother) one, was done in Sketchbook Pro Mac OS X ;) Both bits were just tests. I'm a shit painter, so i used this as an excersize to paint with MM and JS was a completely different test. Sketchbook Pro is an awesome app (Though why does the iPad version not have a lasso?). Anyway I sold my intuos (As it was already dodgy anyway, it's why I bought an iPad), so I had to use a bamboo we have from work. It's cheap, and no pro would pretend it's a serious art making tool. I think it does the job fine though. And personally back in the analog days a stationary shop had more of the tools I needed than a dedicated art shop.

Saying all that. I'm on my second iPad and I've been using it for almost a year now, and drawing with a pen is a pain now since I got used to my finger and pinch zooming, which is so much better than hunching over paper like I used to. So going back the that and being so disconnected to the screen sucks balls. So as you can see I had a lot more patience with an inferior app on my iPad than something on my desktop. The iPad frustrates me a lot with day to day normal non artsy use. jotting notes, organising things for meetings, web browsing, e-mail. It's fiddly. Magic paper to draw on? Awesome! So it's not replacing my computer anytime soon. Also iTunes sucks on iPad. Although I found a radio app that is cool.

I'll be posting up some new sketches :)

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