Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well here you have new designs for Naomi and Poggie. There will be a propper forum where I'll launch them. This is just a sketch blog. The ribbon on Naomi's head will be bigger. I want to do at least one nice project with these characters, i should drop them after they have failed to be popular for 12 years and counting, but I'm stupid. The random cat pictures I have there that are not Poggie, but just work pitches I get to do. kinda fun.

Anyways explaining the design changes. My last couple of jobs I had to design IP and make sure these things are merchandisable. Especially for making toys. Poggie had thin limbs, and those hair piece are horrible for everything, animation and toy making. So I took him and made him more similar to a cat from my kids book "Bazgroly dla gagatka". It's Polish ;) Naomi, just wasn't simetrical. If you look at some of her 2009 toy designs i did that fringe is horrible for 360 drawing. It only really worked in 3/4 view. It was a massive improvement from her baseball cap days.

Also the sloppy thing. I want to design a cool sticker bomb using sloppy. It's not cool yet.

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