Friday, June 3, 2011

More owls as we're solidifying to a design. I like where it's going :) All done in Procreate. A very nice app, just needs a higher resolution Cancas. It's promised to come in the next update, but when is it? Also an interesting note, this app was done by a couple of dudes in Tasmania :) It's kinda cool that some people from down there have made something cool :) I'm not an avid patriot to support blindly anything from Australia or Hungary, but when something genuinely good comes from there. I feel a little better :) The color owls done in sketchbook pro ;)

I have several new Naomi and Poggie stuff to upload, but there's no good blogger app to allow me to post pics directly from my iPad. So there's be some stuff soon. Till then here are the owls :)

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