Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These are my sketchclub sketches. It's a cute little community awesomely integrated into this sketch app. You might see Naomi and Poggie looking different as Poggie takes a photo of Naomi shitting in a mug. Will get onto that in a later post been working on this for a while now. But Been busy with work that's paying money, so letting this project leak very slowly. I hope to steer it towards my paying job soon, as I do get to pitch stuff. Also the little Lily blowing a huge fart is based on something I drew while working in Disney. At Disney I was an FX artist. I actually got into that department. Benefits were that we weren't stuck to drawing one thing per project like the character guys were, we were still drawing all day, and we weren't stuck drawing disney stuff, yet our work appeared in Disney films. Anyway lot's of overtime and the weird person I am. I draw in my spare time too. I have issues I know. Anyway during a break while working on Lilo and Stitch 2 I drew this drawing of Lilo (i loved that design, Chris Sanders has a really nice drawings) making a mega fart while having her usual smile on. I really got lost in the fart design, and I revisited that and got lost in it again. One day I will actually animate it :)

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