Monday, January 17, 2011

what a great weekend!! The Gallery that is hosting my art got shut down on one weeks notice. I feel bad for Nicole as that just blows. Having your business closed down like that. she still has her art classes upstairs and will have a good bye party.

I also got my work rejected by That's shanghai owner. Editor and designer's apparantly loved it, but on final inspection it got shut down. So i went with something less cartoony. The side on one I hate the most, and that's what got accepted. I like the fathead guy. Oh well after spending overall 20 hours pleasing some Chinese middle age management type I'll get that 100 euros, and will be in the March issue! :p Anyways for next month I know what they want and atleast I'll continue to be published in Shanghai which is what I want. And beer money for summer. On technical terms, all this is done in brushes. I learned that with upping the resolution it gets funky when you do tight art like the last ones I showed you ;) When you do lose drawings like this, It's cool :)

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