Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some more process work that I've been doing for That's Shanghai. We liked the image of couples walking down the bund, but it just didn't say 'Love sucks' like a drunk cupid in a bar. I still liked what I did on the sex toy job, so I took a bunch of composition design Ideas from that. Also found some issues with up resing in brushes. It's cool with rough drawings, but it really screws you over for tight work. So I had to go back to illustratot for clean up and Photoshop for color on the trusty old Mac. I hope with the next generation of iPads it'll let me finish images 100% I think I will look at what the android pads have to offer. This res limitation is getting to me, especially since the OS should be stream lined and light, so it shouldn't eat the processor. Making 300dpi images 10 years ago on computers lower specced than my iPad is why I don't get this limitation.

Also me and my good friend Nial have an exhibition right now in Shanghai. No 37, 1025 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai, CHINA and http://blog.sina.com.cn/plumsh

It's on now till the 28th of February :)

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