Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New images today. The dude playing a yo yo is concept art for another children's project I'm working on in the same building. Testing out an Idea here. The Obama CzuCzu is 2 years 2 late, 6 months not funny, but it's a test to see how recognisable that character is, and it was fun :)

I have a friend in Shanghai that wants to do a show with me. Her site is http://http://www.wasavy.com/ since we both have a lot of rabbit themes going on in our art, we figured we would do a show in winter to close out the year of the rabbit with rabbits. These are just some doodles to keep the idea a tad more than just a conversation. The korean writing there. 'Gemul' means monster in Korean, it's what the kids called me when I lived in Korea, and the other word is 'Bunny' spelled out in Korean. All art here was done in Brushes for iPad and the CzuCzu thing was finished off in Photoshop on my Mac at home.

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