Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well... where shall I start? basically this whole thing not working out is based on a lot of miscommunication.
Something that 6 months ago seemed like a gold mine, dream opportunity... etc. etc. didn't come through. It looked good, got to meet a lot of top industry people, got to travel to Taiwan, Japan and the states, but it's not to be. The project is now officially on hiatus. With apparantly back in swing in 6 months. If it is, I'm right back... till then I need a job. I'm still going to continue with this though, just in my own time as I spend most my time looking for new work, and when I find that work giving that 100% if it's drawing. Anything else, just the bare minimum to keep me employed :P. BTW this year marks 10 years since Naomi & Poggie been published. Because they haven't really hit any form of real success, I'm not going to celebrate this milestone. I like these characters, but I have failed them so far. Don't want to celebrate that. Before I dwell more into melodrama, I'll just tell you what these pics are. As the time goes by I'll keep posting more production art. These are some of the toy designs. Tobacco Bunny was the first on to be fully fleshed out. As you can see in the rough box design, I had the Idea of having all the toys be story based, with the final panel being the actual toy. This concept was going to be pitched with some of the other IPs we were negotiating with, mainly Speed racer and Vampire Hunter D, that had comic panels already ready to use. I also included some Idea sketches for the animated shorts to be used to promote each toy line for Naomi and Poggie. I'm still going to finish those, as they will be pretty fun when finished :)

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