Sunday, November 8, 2009

Haven't updated in ages. Been a bad couple of weeks. Found out the cash for the toys been pulled. Won't get into it much in this post. Look! Slutty chick! What the hell? How does this fit in? Just browsing on the web I discovered a cool Japanese artist referring to himself as 'Rockin' Jelly Bean'. He does these cool pin-up art, and been inspired to imitate. How does this fit into the Naomi and Poggie universe? Well ten years ago I did this comic called Quay-Line and this sex object character I created in my female deprived high school years called 'Rose' was the main character, but Naomi and Poggie's first appearance was in this comic. So that's how that ties up. Although since the toys officially are on hiatus and I'm looking for a new job, expect such non derivative crap to be posted up more often \(^_^)/

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